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Stay up to date with the happenings at Living Bread Ministries where we integrate church-planting with meeting the needs of the communities where we work.  

Here Barbara shares our unique approach as we combine Gospel ministry and humanitarian aid:

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Living Bread Thailand: We Are Getting Close
February 1, 2013
In October we announced that we are expanding our church planting efforts into Asia.  Since then we have been working diligently to launch Living Bread Thailand and are getting very close to seeing this vision become a reality.  In December Patrick visited Thailand and set things in motion.

Since that time our lawyer and leadership team in Thailand has been working to prepare the paperwork needed to seek government approval for Living Bread Thailand.  The paperwork is ready and we have raised most of the $25,000 needed, including the $17,000 in startup capital the government requires.  These funds will allow us to immediatley begin church planting once we are approved.

Buddhist Temple in Central Thailand

Buddhist Temple in Central Thailand

However, we are still in need of the final $2,775 to reach our goal.  These funds will be used to pay the lawyer and the accountant and the remaining fees to submit our paperwork to the government.  This is all that stands between us and launching a church planting movement among the poor and needy in Asia.  Will you help us raise these remaining funds so that we can get started as soon as possible?

To give online click here and choose "Missional Church Planting" in the drop down menu.

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On Saturday, February 9, 2013, William Bowles said
Hi, my name is William Bowles. My family and I are currently serving God in Thailand. I actually grew up here as a Third Culture Kid as my parents were IMB missionaries to the Kui people group located in Surin, Ubon, and Sisaket provinces of Issan Thailand. I recently moved my wife, 2year old daughter, and myself back to Thailand last april and have been raising our own support through teaching english in local schools. Some friends of mine at Liberty University actually told me about you guys as they have recently started work along side this mission. (Ryan and Nicole Campbell) I have a large amount of contacts in thailand and speak fluent Thai, Lao, Kui, and my first tounge is English, my gift from God is languages. I feel that God has brought me to Thailand for something more than what I'm doing now and He has really laid this mission on my wife and I's hearts. I would really appreciate the opportunity to talk to someone further about possibility of my family working with living bread to better glorify God here in Thailand.




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